Politic Cheaters

Supouse a president, doing a trip in a private jet, property of a big dealer. Somebody put the story in the news media, and then all the country started to ask about it. Then, the president says she didnt know about the jet procedence, etc, etc… All the security agencies says the president broke the protocols and used the plane without asking them first, etc, etc. What do you think? What it seems to be for real? Well, we are not so damn fools, everyone involved is a truecheater. Generally, things are what they seems to be. In this particular case, it seems like a dealer working as a president, and using their inmunity to do some dark bussiness. And then they ask us to respect the laws and to pay all the taxes. Sure, of course, we are all blind people following the leader.

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Have you ever fuck a milf

Hello, I would like to know if I am the only one who wants to fuck a milf these days?? Seriously I am excited about having sex with someone “experienced”. I fucked a friend who was 30 when I was only 19 but I don’t know if that should be called as “fuck a milf” experience??
She’s 43 now and I would like to get her attention so I can fuck her again, now that I have much more sexual experience, well I think I have it lol. You cant imagine how hot she is nowadays, as soon I see her at the supermarket i remember about that sexual experience we had time ago and of course i would like to have her delicious body once again.. Im pretty sure it would be better than the firts time. Another thing, i already have her phone number i already know the address were she lives currently. Her son may be mad so he is 15 years old and i dont know how to manage that issue..
Any advices?? please tell me I am so eager to fuck a milf!!!

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Adult web Site review

In my post today I will write down a review of an adult web site that caught my attention while I was searching for good quality porn beyond the top 100 results on google. The adult web site I’m talking about is observe.com
While surfing observe I noticed they have bunch of new content I haven’t seen before in a well known sites like redtube or pornhub also their link structure has been well designed so to surf through the site it is really easy and intuitive.
Lets take a look to their link structure, From the index page you can reach almost every page in the site. On the top you will find links to the most relevant categories also you will find other links that will take you to some free webcam sites. Then you can find a bar which provide you access to the site niches, top rated, most viewed and the most commented porn films, also there you will find a register and upload link well lets talk about this two links later.
Continuing with this adult web site design we have the main page video selection screen that contain 25 spot for the videos snapshot divided in 3 rows of 3 videos each one and other 4 raw with 4 videos each one that are linked to the related video page. in the left side of the first three rows you will find an advertisement spot which is occupied by a banner provided by one of the most successful dating site hornymatches.com. Belong the video selection screen you will find a page counter that help you to move to another pages sorted by date added, view count or top rated if you keep going you will find another advertisement spot for horizontal banners and some text about observe’s commitment, legal statements and others links that take you to some subindex pages within the site. As you can see this adult web site even when it look similar to others tube sites it still has his own link structure that make it easy to the visitors to move inside or out of the site.
Well Lets go now to analyze their video page once I found the content I was really interested I just click on the snapshot (btw it also help to see some portion of the film) and I got into the video page the thing that I like most on this page is the Video Player which has a nice feature that let you see the portion of the video on the progress line, that is kind of cool cause it let the visitor to select which part of the movies they will like to watch in a very long clips also in this page you will find a tags line that will help you to search for videos related in content instead to search manually on the search box. Other features in this page is you can see snapshots of videos related and has a comment tab that you can use to leave your impression about the video as well as a rating bar where you can assign stars based on your own criteria.
Now as I said before lets get in to the signup and download links, well about the sign up process it is very simple and it doesn’t require you to use any payment method as the use of this site is completely free and the only difference between a registered and guest users is that you can upload your own videos (always it comply with observe’s policy) and have a chat room with other members but there are no featured videos that are only shown for “paid member” I mean all the videos are free to watch for both kind of users. So Having an upload link on the index page is kind of useless since it only will guide people to a page that suggest them to sign up in order to be able to upload videos however if you analyze it on this way it might have sense let the people know they can upload their videos but for it they need to sign up. Anyway in my personal opinion is useless but some of you can find it useful.
As a conclusion I can say it is a well design and pretty intuitive adult web site however in my opinion they should work on the quality of the snapshots on the index pages maybe reducing the size will help other than that I can say observe.com is a great adult web site where you can enjoy and watch real free porn

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Hello world!

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